Friday, October 2, 2015

A few tips from a film festival programmer

I'm involved with Weird Film at the Winery (, a night of short 'genre' films. It's for horror, fantasy, sci-fi, or otherwise Weird film, geared to a general audience (sometimes children).  That doesn't mean cheery and squeaky-clean, but not it's not Saw.

Guidelines  here:

We're slammed with entries for WeirdFilm III (November 17), many of which are unrelated to the genre(s), way too long, or have bad sound (that's sad when the story is good).

So - some grumpy, basic tips to filmmakers (which means me too):

- submit earlier rather than later
- stick close to the length limit
- submit in the genre(s) - no 90-minute documentaries about pollution
- provide a short synopsis, and a trailer is a nice addition
- plan production sound carefully - uneven levels, muffled dialog and inappropriate echoey-ness will distract from your story
- have the rights to music in your film
- keep credits short

This will improve your chances.
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Monday, August 31, 2015

The Bunny Man at Fargo Fantastic Film Festival

The Fargo Fantastic Film Festival will screen my short film The Bunny Man.

This is their third acceptance of my work and my gratitude endures.

FFFF is a sister event to Valley Con, which features Tony Todd as a guest this year!
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My short film Shelter will screen at the Rome International Film Festival - Rome, Georgia, y'all.
Rome the city in Georgia the U.S. state.
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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Shelter visits Tokyo again

"Shelter" has another outing in Tokyo, courtesy of the Scream Queen herself, Mai Nakanishi.

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"Shelter" goes to the Rome International Film Festival

Rome, Georgia, that is!

The legend of Derek lives on... anchored by the wonderful acting of Sylvia Kratins as The Wife, the harassed charm of Thomas Cokenias, and the weary manliness of M (for Mysterious) Jennings.

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"Bunny Man" goes to Horrible Imaginings in September

"The Bunny Man" has been accepted by Horrible Imaginings Film Festival in San Diego :)

It's part of the horror-comedy short film block on Saturday Sept. 12:

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Frank Tuttle reviews The Bunny Man

What a delight to see Frank Tuttle's generous review of The Bunny Man!
Frank is a very fine writer of fantasy noir, the creator of The Markhat Chronicles (think a somewhat kinder, yet quite dangerous Sam Spade with trolls).
I have all his books and his warm reception means a lot.
Frank also wrote the script for "The Embalming", a curious tale of the undertaker's profession:
If you like your horror with a snifter of Jim Beam, a really good score, clever editing and terrific cinematography, watch The Embalming. 

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